Empowering you to creatively solve complex problems with generative solutions that last

If you find that short-term “fixes” to problems in your organization don’t really work, Soma Integral can help.  We build on the inherent strengths of your organization to help you design generative solutions that perform in the long run.

Your organization is complex and you need management tools equal to the task.  We don’t just look at the parts; we look at how they function together as a whole.  We rely on a Whole Systems Approach to understand your vision, potential, activities and operations, and culture and enable collaborative processes that take you where you need to be.

Our expertise allows us to apply many frameworks, methodologies, and tools to design custom services that meet your specific needs.  When necessary, we leverage our network of trusted partners to rapidly mobilize the perfect team while we remain responsible for managing the overall process with the highest standard of care.

Our holistic approach enables us to guarantee the following benefits:

  • Deeper understanding of who you are and your potential
  • Insightful reframing of your current business reality
  • Uncovering of new opportunities and strategies for the future
  • Team alignment on a clear vision and on a path to move forward
  • Improved learning and creative capacity for all involved in the process
  • Greater overall system performance

We deliver services in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Strategic Innovation
  • Generative Strategy
  • Organizational Culture Alignment
  • Transformative Leadership Capacity Development

Regenerating Urban Environments

In collaboration with practitioners in the Design Built Environment we also deliver the following services:

  • Regenerative Design and Development

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