Soma Integral partners with like-minded individuals and organizations, which provide the complementary skills and expertise needed to deliver outstanding services and capabilities to our clients.

Universite Terre & Mer (UTM, France)

L’Universite Terre & Mer is an educational organization in Brittany which offers courses, workshops and seminars that explore approaches to facilitate the transition toward the development of a more just and sustainable society. During the summer 2015, Beatrice Ungard facilitated a 2.5 day Regenerative Development workshop for 30 participants (architects, city planners, permaculture professionals, local change agents) to explore the potential of the development of an ecovillage in the village of Crucuno, near the Bay of Quiberon. Building on the success of the workshop, UTM, Soma Integral and the Regenesis Group are currently exploring the possibility of a more extensive regenerative design course in France.

The Regenesis Group and Alliance for Regeneration

Soma Integral collaborates with The Regenesis Group and the Alliance for Regeneration to assist organizations, local governments, communities, and cities with the design of regenerative approaches aimed at addressing socio-ecological challenges.

Etienne Collignon, Ph.D. (France)

With French consultant Etienne Collignon, President of TeamFactory and founder of The Learning Person, Beatrice Ungard co-create workshops in France to support individuals, consultants, social entrepreneurs and leaders of organizations who need to develop their capacity to better navigate the challenges of today’s complex environments.

Graceful Systems

Soma Integral has partnered with Graceful Systems to deliver a Systems Thinking Course to professionals in the Electric Energy System. For more information, please download our brochures:

Brochure: Designing the Energy Electric Systems of Tomorrow Together (pdf)
Course flyer for Commissioners and their staff (pdf)
Course flyer for Utilities (pdf)

Andrew J. Campbell

Beatrice Ungard and UK artist, facilitator and coach Andrew James Campbell co-facilitated an experiential Leadership for Emergence creative retreat, which was held in the summer of 2010 in the South of France.

Read about our 2010 Leadership for Emergence course experience that was published as “Notes from the Field” by Integral Leadership Review, Volume X, No. 5, October 2010.

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