Sustainable Strategic Innovation

Soma Integral is your partner in accelerating your capacity for strategic innovations that are sustainable and the sources of your competitive advantage.  Conventional innovation processes are often too driven by analytical thinking and linear problem-solving methods not conducive to answering the ‘real’ needs of the stakeholders.  In contrast, Soma Integral facilitates a collaborative inquiry process that helps you uncover strategic opportunities and empowers your team to creatively imagine, design, and deliver fundamentally better solutions that are respectful of the environment and the community while meeting economic constraints.

Generative Strategic Planning

GenStratPlanProcessOur Generative Strategy Development Process is holistic and transformative. Our approach will unleash the collective intelligence of your organization and will support your team through a deep learning and discovery process that will uncover new opportunities and open new paths. Organizations that go through this process often experience a new birth.  The process comprises three main phases:

  • PHASE 1: Exploring your organization’s identity and potential with all of its possibilities.
  • PHASE 2: Uncovering generative strategies that support the realization of your organization’s vision and the achievement of its goals while unleashing its full potential.
  • PHASE 3: Designing a comprehensive implementation plan and an audit and evaluation system that are integrated into the operations of your organization.

To learn more about our approach to holistic strategic planning, download The Generative Development Process Brochure.

Tranformative Change Management

Your organization requires a Transformative Change Management Process when:

  • You see a discrepancy between the ways your organization operates and the values you stand for but no one else seems to notice or knows what to do about it.
  • You are stuck in a win-lose situation and you know that whatever you decide, many of the stakeholders involved are not going to like the final outcome.  Yet, you do not see any other way out.
  • Changes in your business environment are forcing your organization to make challenging strategic decisions that will have wide impacts.  You are not sure how to proceed next.
  • You operate in a complex and uncertain environment that is politically charged.  Each stakeholder stands behind strong positions that are in conflict with one another.  You fear that an imminent breakdown of the process is near.

At the core of the above situations is a conflict in values, arising out of a clash between diverse and divergent stakeholders’ beliefs, assumptions and positions. When this misalignment gets reflected in people’s behaviors and actions, the whole organizational system becomes dysfunctional.

To assist you through this situation, we use our Transformative Framework for Generative Change (download PDF); this process helps your team:

  • Reframe the challenge
  • Consider business reality with a ‘fresh’ set of eyes
  • Uncover old assumptions that keep you stuck
  • Develop new ways to operate that are more sustainable

Organizational Culture Alignment

We help your organization align strategic direction with organizational culture and mode of operation in order to help you present an authentic image of who you are, internally and to the world.  Work on authentic alignment is about resolving the tension that exists between “who you truly are”, i.e., your essence and core identity, and “how your organization currently behaves and operates.” It requires individuals in an organization to take full responsibility for their own part in creating the present situation; to actively engage in the development of shared meanings, purposes, and principles that become pervasive throughout the organization; and to take actions that are aligned with the essence of the organization.

Regenerative Design and Development for Communities, Cities, and Local Governments

Soma Integral is partnering with colleagues from the Regenesis Group and the Alliance for Regeneration to enable communities, cities and local governments to become more sustainable and resilient. We use a place-sourced approach to regenerative design and development to harness and unleash the potential of a place.  We engage diverse stakeholders in a co-creative process to develop systemic concepts, integrated structures and processes, and mutually-beneficial relationships that aim at raising the value produced to the community while increasing the vitality, viability and evolution of the place.   Our work is developmental in essence and has for objective to develop the capabilities of the social systems within which we intervene.

Learn more about Regenerative Community Development.

Read the paper Beatrice Benne co-wrote with Pamela Mang from Regenesis for the Journal of Cleaner Production: Working regeneratively across scales—insights from nature applied to the built environment.

Adaptive Leadership Capacity Development

Anyone who is called to address complex situations and/or lead a process of change must exercise adaptive leadership.  We empower professionals to creatively address their adaptive challenge through a combination of training, coaching, mentoring and consulting.

Download our Adaptive Leadership Course Brochure.

Download our Adaptive Leadership Coaching Sessions Brochure.

To creatively solve complex problems with generative solutions that last, please contact us to explore how we might best support you.

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