SOMA Integral Consulting

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Regenerative Development Services for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Government Agencies


Problems hold us in the past. We don’t focus on them!

Instead, we use a holistic approach to embrace the whole complexity and uniqueness of your organizational ecosystem and unleash its potential.


For Organizations

We engage your team in an experiential process, specifically designed around your work and challenges. We help you uncover emerging potential and design approaches to support its realization. Our aim is to help you see with ‘new eyes’ and an ‘awake mind’ so that you can reframe your current work reality and uncover new opportunities and strategies for the future. We facilitate individual and organizational development of regenerative capabilities, enabling you to operate at a higher level of effectiveness while building a stronger team. The outcomes: intractable problems dissolve; performance increases; and your whole ecosystem thrives!

Our holistic approach focuses on culture, strategy, leadership, and operation.


  • Build a workplace where on-going learning and development is the norm
  • Connect your people to the source of their pride and motivation for their work
  • Evolve your people’s capacity for critical thinking
  • Increase everyone’s care, agency, and sense of responsibility for the whole


  • Understand what makes your organization unique and distinctive
  • Align all your activities and portfolio to your core purpose and strategic direction
  • Create standards of excellence that are motivating and worth pursuing


  • Create a differentiated portfolio of offerings that reflects your unique essence and that your competitors cannot replicate
  • Delight your users, customers, and beneficiaries with products and services that fulfill their needs and enable them to realize their potential
  • Build a business ecosystem grounded in reciprocity and the generation of mutually beneficial value


  • Design work processes and systems that support the delivery of value at all levels of your organization
  • Ensure that your people work at their highest potential while fulfilling their individual purpose
  • Develop regenerative performance metrics that truly reflect the value you generate to your customers


Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

We assist groups of stakeholders in developing their capacity to think more holistically; uncovering the potential present in the most complex situations; and identifying places of leverage where interventions will have positive ripple effects on the whole system in which they are involved. Our aim is to enable you to:

  • Work as a highly effective team
  • Manage complexity while achieving individual and collective objectives
  • Reconcile divergent views
  • Design unique value-adding strategies and solutions that generate mutually beneficial relationships
  • Develop capacity throughout your ecosystem to facilitate long-term co-evolution and regeneration