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Regenerative Development Services for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Government Agencies

ORIGIN OF ‘soma’

In the words of Brian Weller, facilitator and consultant extraordinaire:

Soma is the ‘glue’ of the universe.  It is the nourishing, unifying and harmonizing quality of intelligence.  From the Vedic’s (knowledge-vision) perspective, Intelligence is exemplified in the order and purpose of change.  Soma is present everywhere at the heart of the fabric of all structure.  It also maintains the level of dynamism at the most fundamental level of consciousness. Wherever Soma is flowing, every perception is a wave of bliss.

In organizational settings, Soma enables the flow and ease of communication.  When people embody the essence of Soma they become flexible and agile.  From here, people in organizational settings then use structure as the basis of operational excellence without needing it to be static so that change can also be supported.