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Regenerative Development Services for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Government Agencies


Regenerative Organizational Development

Built on the work of a long lineage of systems thinkers, the approach we use has been developed and tested over four decades by our mentor, Carol Sanford, author of three books on regenerative business and producer of the Regenerative Business Summit. Grounded in an understanding of organizations as living systems, the strength of our work lies in that it directly builds on essence, potential, and the interconnected systems within which we live. We find that by working to unlock the potential of the company and its environment we can also create the conditions where everyone in the organizational ecosystem can thrive.

We use dynamic systemic frameworks to guide our inquiry and elevate the quality of our thinking to makes sense of complexity so that we can design business solutions that contribute to business, organizational, and functional effectiveness. We offer a broad spectrum of organizational design and development services including governance, strategy, culture, leadership capacity development, and work design.

See our Generative Strategic Planning Process

Regenerative Community Development and Design

Soma Integral is partnering with the Regenesis Group to enable communities, cities and local governments to become more sustainable and resilient. We use a place-sourced approach to regenerative design and development to harness and unleash the potential of a place. We engage diverse stakeholders in a co-creative process to develop systemic concepts, integrated structures and processes, and mutually beneficial relationships that aim at raising the value produced to the community while increasing the vitality, viability and evolution of the place. Our work is developmental in essence and aims to develop the capabilities of the social systems within which we intervene.

Learn more about Regenerative Community Development.

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Multi-Stakeholder Adaptive Work Facilitation

No single organization can address our society’s complex socio-ecological challenges alone. Partnership and collaboration across organizations and sectors have become a priority. Yet, collaboration can only be effective when the diverse stakeholders involved are able to work together creatively, as an authentic ‘whole community.’

Our processes, designed specifically to address your needs and context, unleash the collective intelligence in your team, while generating trust and will—the two ingredients essential to freeing possibilities and enabling the realization of potential. The ultimate outcome is an integrated working team able to generate innovative solutions that deliver high value to the entire ecosystem.

Adaptive Leadership Capacity Development

Anyone who is called to address complex situations and/or lead a process of change must exercise adaptive leadership. We empower professionals to creatively address their adaptive challenge through a combination of experiential courses, mentoring, and consulting.


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